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SWIFT is a program that models the behaviour of a SolarWall®, which uses solar energy to heat buildings. Using weather data inputted from a specified file, or using built in files containing average weather data, SWIFT predicts the amount of heat gathered from solar energy, the resulting air temperature inside the building, the amount of energy used by conventional heating systems that has been avoided as a result of using SolarWall, and more.

SWIFT is a design tool that uses an hour-by-hour energy balance to calculate building ventilation loads and predict the thermal performance of one or more SolarWall system planned for the building. It may also be used to estimate the cost of the system, the fuel cost savings available from its operation and the economics of investing in it. Destratification and make-up air, ventilation air preheat, and process air heating systems may be simulated in a broad range of locations, using the typical meteorological year weather data supplied with the program.

Download SWIFT, zipped file, 6.0 MB
® SolarWall is a registered trademark of Conserval Engineering Inc.

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