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PV Perform Mod

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PV Perform Mod is a software tool that automatically analyzes data from a PV system in order to detect faults and evaluate system performance. Faults are defined as periods of abnormally low production, when the system produces less electricity than it should at given operating conditions. The following PV system measurements are required: alternative current (AC) power, solar irradiance in the PV system plane and PV panel temperature. The rated direct current (DC) power is required for evaluating the system performance.

The fault detection procedure consists in comparing the measured AC power production of the PV system to the production that the system should have under normal (fault-free) operating conditions. Significant differences between those values – with respect to normal operation limits of the PV system calculated by the software tool – are considered as faults.

PV Perform Mod contains a Model and an Analysis tab. The Model tab allows the user to automatically clean the data (eliminate measurements not representative of a normal PV system operation), calculate a model predicting the AC power output of the system under normal operating conditions and calculate normal operation limits. The PV system measurements are hourly averaged prior to starting the calculations.

The Analysis tab of the software tool allows the user to upload a file containing PV system measurements from the same system that was used in the Modelling tab. The model and the normal operation limits calculated in the Modeling tab are applied to this new data to detect faults and evaluate the PV system performance.

The download package contains bilingual versions of a user guide (Help) and of a document explaining the calculations carried out automatically by the software tool (Methodology), as well as sample .csv and Excel files.

System requirements

Microsoft® Windows Vista SP2 | Windows 7 | Windows 8 | Windows 10
Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.5 or higher


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