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KraftSIM is a free and publicly available modelling tool created to support the pulp and paper industry to adopt process improvements, transition to carbon neutral/negative operation, and explore forest product diversification. KraftSIM was developed to evaluate existing Kraft mill efficiency and limitations, explore pathways for future technology implementation, and investigate opportunities for increased pulp production.

The KraftSIM base case was tuned to average Canadian Kraft mill data to create a representative Canadian Kraft mill. The performance of various technologies can be assessed from various perspectives: energy (fuel, steam, power), chemical recovery, emissions, water and chemical consumption, and operating cost. A number of technologies, including advanced evaporation systems, black liquor membrane concentration, oxygen delignification, and pulp displacement washing by use of a horizontal belt washer, can be assessed independently and in combination. KraftSIM provides the departmental and mill-wide impacts of process changes to allow for better-informed decisions when selecting cost-effective and environmental solutions.

KraftSIM, developed utilizing CADSIM Plus, can also be easily adjusted to represent mill-specific control loops, chemistry, and process flows to generate tailored results. KraftSIM was designed by CanmetENERGY in Varennes, a Natural Resources Canada research centre, in collaboration with AUREL Systems. The tool can be downloaded and used only in Canada.

Model Specifics


KraftSIM was designed to be controlled via an Excel file for improved usability for users unfamiliar with CADSIM Plus. Key inputs include softwood and hardwood chip species, pulp production, fibreline Kappas, and white liquor chemical properties.


Full carbon (organic and inorganic) tracking and pulping chemistry through all streams allow for accurate emission profiles and black liquor higher heating values (HHV). Key outputs include recovery boiler, power boiler and kiln emissions, as-fired black liquor HHV and composition, power boiler hog fuel consumption, HP/MP/LP steam production and demand, bleaching chemical requirements, mill-wide influent and effluent flows and properties, and operating costs.

System requirements

CADSIM Plus v3.4


For statistical purposes, we would appreciate knowing your field of work (e.g. academia, government, industry, engineering consultant, technology supplier). Please send us this information along with any comments or suggestions regarding the simulation model to:


KraftSIM is distributed for informational purposes and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Government of Canada nor constitute any endorsement of any commercial product or technology. Neither Canada nor its ministers, officers, employees, or agents make any warranty with respect to this tool or assumes any liability arising out of the use of this tool.

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