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Download HOT2®XP, Zip file 7.7 MB

This quick and easy tool analyzes energy use in homes with only a small amount of critical information. The graphical interface is simple enough to be used by homeowners or by home energy evaluators as a fast gateway to research-quality analysis.

For much of the simple single-family housing stock, HOT2®XP can give results as accurate as those of HOT2000 or similar programs. However, as the complexity of a house increases, the HOT2®XP simulation may become more approximate. To maintain a high level of accuracy, the user may be required to override an increasing number of program defaults, or may prefer to switch to HOT2000.

Compatibility exists between the HOT2®XP generated fully-detailed house files and HOT2000 Version 8 since both programs share the underlying analysis engine of HOT2000 (which was based on over 10 years of building simulation experience and validation against DOE-2 and other hourly simulation models). Therefore, data files already generated in HOT2®XP can be used with HOT2000.

This software has been developed by CanmetENERGY.

Speed and Flexibility

HOT2®XP design includes “wizards” that, with only a small amount of critical information, will characterize a house’s energy consumption. You’ll be required to enter only a handful of inputs to obtain the geometry of the house, and the house characteristics will be defaulted based on age and location.

However, in cases where houses have been renovated or upgraded, users can edit the “wizard’s” derived quantities and underlying rules and assumptions for areas and perimeters, and customize libraries of rules and defaults. This flexibility allows for far greater control of the analysis.

View a screenshot of HOT2®XP (available on the existing site).


Once a house has been defined in HOT2®XP and calculations have been performed, the following additional functions are available:

  • Full technical report, including monthly results
  • Simplified graphical homeowner report
  • Reconciliation of calculated energy use against utility meter readings
  • Comparison of multiple house files to allow for the analysis of energy upgrades

To install the software:

  • Once you have downloaded the « » file to your hard drive, extract the archived files to a temporary directory, i.e. c:\temp
  • Run the Setup program, i.e. c:\temp\setup.exe
  • Use the Setup Wizard to guide you through the installation process
  • To run HOT2®XP, simply select the program icon from the Start Menu

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