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Purchasing Aerial Photography

The clients who require air photo search services, a search fee will be introduced.

  • For complex air photo searches, the fee is $50.00/hour

Contact / Laser Prints

Monome contact prints (black & white) are made from the negative and exposed on matte   10" x 10" photographic paper.

Contact Price
Monochrome $ 14.99
Monochrome (+15 consecutive images/roll)  $ 12.00
Monochrome (70mm negative) $ 37.50

Laser copies are produced on-site on a high-quality greyscale/colour photocopier and printed on semi-gloss paper. *For walk-in clients only

Laser Prints Price
Monochrome $ 11.25
Colour $ 18.00


Enlargements are useful when trying to customize scales for a specific use or when a more detailed image is needed. Enlargements can be made from the negative (contact print enlargements) or on the photocopier (laser enlargements).

Contact Print Enlargements

Enlargements up to five times can be reproduced from the negative with excellent results. Price is determined by the final paper size of the enlarged image


Monochrome Price
25cm (10")  $ 39.00
38cm (15")  $ 49.00
50cm (20")  $ 59.00
76cm (30")  $ 79.00
101cm (40")  $ 110.00
101cm x 152cm (40" x 60") $ 149.00

Laser Copy Enlargements

Enlargements of up to four times can be made on our high quality photocopier with good results.

Laser Copy Enlargements Price
Monochrome $ 18.00
Colour $ 22.95

Custom Mosaics

Mosaics are used for displaying large areas on a single photo or enlargement. The cost is based on how many images are needed, as well as the paper size of the final mosaic image.

Custom Mosaics Price
Monochrome (per image used)
+ paper size (see Monochrome Contact Print Enlargement) 
$ 69.00

Digital Imagery

Aerial photographs are available in TIFF/JPG/PNG format at resolutions of 300 to 1200 dpi (dots per inch).


Monochrome Price
300 dpi (1 to 10 images) $ 24.99
300 dpi (11+images)  $ 22.49
600, 800, 1200 dpi (1 to 10 images)  $ 32.49
600, 800, 1200 dpi (11+ images) $ 29.99


Colour Price
 300 dpi (1 to 10 images) $ 27.99
 300 dpi (11+images)  $ 25.49
 600, 800, 1200 dpi (1 to 10 images) $ 37.49
 600, 800, 1200 dpi (11+ images) $ 34.99

Scanned images from original negatives

*available ONLY for images taken after June 1943

Scanned images from original negatives Price
2032 dpi (1 to 10 images) $ 37.49
2032 dpi (11+ images of the same roll)  $ 33.75


Contact transparencies are generally used for site plans or overhead presentations.

Transparencies Price
Monochrome $ 18.00
Colour $ 27.00
Monochrome (from 70mm negative) $ 39.50

*Please be aware that there is some deterioration in the quality of photos produced from 70mm negatives when compared to the original contact print.


Diapositives are used for map-making and are therefore of a higher quality.

Diapositives Price
Diapositives $ 15.50

Miscellaneous Products

Miscellaneous Products Price
Technical Services (per hour)  $ 50.00
Calibration Report $ 5.75
Priority Service (surcharge) +50%
Letter of Certification  $ 23.00
Letter of Copyright N/A
Flight-line Index $ 8.00
Complex Search Fee (per hour) $ 50.00

Handling and Media

Each physically shipped order shall be subject to:

Handling and Media Price
Handling charge $ 4.95
Media charge (CD-ROM/DVD per disc) $ 7.00


To locate air photos see the Earth Observation Data Management System.

  • Phone, mail or fax a description of the area of interest using one or more of the following references:
    • a photocopy of a topographic map with the area of interest outlined
    • latitude and longitude co-ordinates in decimal degrees, or degrees minutes seconds
    • a place name for a lake, river, town, village or street
    • any provincial, municipal, city or road map showing the area

Send your request to the National Air Photo Library in Ottawa. If you are in the Ottawa area, you are welcome to visit the Library and complete your search personally during hours noted below or as previously approved prior to visit.

The National Air Photo Library is now open to the public.

We highly recommend contacting our team to make an appointment before your visit, in order to avoid long delays.

Please submit your orders via the EODMS website. All orders will be processed, but due to a large volume of pending work requests, please expect longer delays.

For further information, contact us at 613-995-4560 / 1-800-230-6275 or

Thank you, NAPL team.

National Air Photo Library
Natural Resources Canada
615 Booth Street, Room 180
Ottawa Ontario Canada
K1A 0E9

Telephone: 613-995-4560 or 1-800-230-6275
Fax: 613-995-4568 or 1-800-661-6277
**NEW** Business Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (Eastern time)

Please note:

  • All prices are in Canadian funds. Applicable taxes extra.
  • Orders must be prepaid in Canadian funds, except where prior arrangements for credit have been made.
  • Methods of payment include:
    • debit
    • VISA, MasterCard or American Express
    • Wire Transfer or direct deposit, contact us for details
  • The following orders are subject to handling charges of $4.95:
    • contact prints
    • enlargements
    • diapositives
    • certification letters
    • media charge (per disk)
  • Priority Service is available at an additional surcharge of 50% of the list price

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