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Message from the Deputy Minister Natural Resources Canada

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Cassie Doyle, Deputy Minister, Natural Resources Canada

The Federal Government conducts science and technology (S&T) to create economic opportunity and to protect and safeguard Canadians. Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), as one of the largest science-based departments and agencies, plays an important role in supporting the sustainable economic development of the natural resource sectors by creating, using and sharing natural resources and landmass knowledge and by fostering environmental responsibility.

I am pleased to present this document that summarizes our analysis of NRCan’s role in the innovation system and how it could better position itself within the evolving S&T landscape. NRCan’s future investments and actions will be guided by this knowledge and insight. NRCan will continue its leadership role by adopting a more focused approach that mobilizes natural resource S&T for the economic and social well-being of Canadians.

These findings would have been beyond our reach without the candor, support, commitment and collaboration of NRCan’s many stakeholders. You told us that NRCan has the right to be proud of its accomplishments and that its employees are overwhelmingly positively perceived by clients and stakeholders. Nonetheless, you also told us there are things that NRCan could change. Foremost among them is the development of a natural resource S&T vision and strategy within the context of collaborative national and international innovation systems. That is precisely what is and will be happening over the coming months, as NRCan evolves to effectively fulfill its role and mandate over the next decade.

Cassie Doyle
Deputy Minister

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