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Message from Geoff Munro, Chief Scientist

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Geoff Munro, Chief Scientist

This report, a summary of the knowledge, processes and lessons learned from our analysis of international models and of other science-based departments and agencies, is one very important element in the development of the NRCan framework integrating science and policy. As a critical component of that framework, NRCan is developing its own S&T strategy. Aligned with the federal S&T strategy, it will outline how NRCan, as one of the major federal science-based departments and agencies, will fulfill its role and mandate by using S&T to achieve its strategic outcomes of economic development, environmental responsibility and safety, security and governance.

As Chief Scientist, I am committed to ensuring that NRCan leads in the science and policy of natural resources; is a world-class knowledge centre, and is a champion that mobilizes its partners to work together to achieve sustainable solutions. I look forward to working with all the players in the natural resources innovation system as we work toward achieving that vision together.


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