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Message from Dr. Yvan Hardy, Former Chief Scientist

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Dr. Yvan

In November 2005, the Deputy Minister tasked the Office of the Chief Scientist to use a consultative approach to study Natural Resources Canada’s (NRCan) science and technology (S&T) contribution to the natural resources and earth sciences sectors. The objectives of this effort were to achieve a clearer understanding of NRCan’s role and to provide recommendations on how NRCan could better position itself within the innovation system.

This document is a condensed version of our study. These findings provide a more solid foundation upon which NRCan can build an S&T strategy within the evolving federal S&T landscape.

The participation of members of NRCan’s S&T community, the federal community, and other stakeholders in the natural resources innovation system was invaluable to us in this exercise. Your generosity, leadership and commitment, both in this study and during my term as the Chief Scientist at NRCan, help us to better serve Canadians. Thank you for your support.

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