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Public Confidence Along the Energy Development Cycle

Download our Energy Development Cycle (PDF, 1.53 MB) to learn about opportunities to build public confidence in energy development, including the roles of key groups.

Download our Energy Development Cycle (PDF, 1.53 MB)


Activities prior to the start of the individual project development cycle, including policy development, land use planning and resource mapping.

Risks & Opportunities

  • Integrated and adaptive approaches to resource policy and regional planning
  • Visioning, community readiness and resiliency
  • The nature of land access and land owner property rights
  • Climate change policy
  • Real and perceived weakening of legislation and regulation


Seismic testing, exploration drilling and other methods to determine the oil reserve potential of a given oil lease.

Risks & Opportunities

  • Community understanding of energy development and lifecycles
  • Environmental and social performance

Development and Construction

Further appraisal of the energy source, project feasibility and design work, envi­ronmental and social baseline and impact assessment studies, regulatory approvals and permitting, and construction.

Risks & Opportunities

  • Fair treatment of risks and benefits
  • Reconciling national interests and local interests across federal, Indigenous, provincial and municipal jurisdictions
  • The nature and responsiveness to affected parties and public participation in decision making
  • Duty to consult and accommodate Indigenous Peoples


The production and transportation of hydrocarbons.

Risks & Opportunities

  • Realization of community benefits
  • Government resource revenue sharing
  • Environmental impacts on water, climate and land
  • Incidents affecting source waters, lands and marine ecosystems

Closure and Retirement

Site reclamation to specified land uses, facility decommissioning, environmental monitoring and relinquishment of approved reclaimed lands to the government or private land owner.

Risks & Opportunities

  • Abandonment
  • Reclamation

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