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WHO is the target audience?

To get your message across, you need to define and know your target audience. There are two types of audiences:

  • People to whom the campaign is directly targeted – includes managers and supervisors, employees, office staff, committees and all those involved in your company’s daily operations.
  • People to whom the campaign is indirectly targeted – includes individuals who are not necessarily involved in your company’s day-to-day operations, but who may share an interest in its work processes and success, such as customers, suppliers, visitors, the local community and the public.

Remember: The target audience may be from diverse cultural and language backgrounds. Messages may need to be translated into more than one language. Whatever your message, say it simply … and say it often!

Each audience has distinct needs. For example, communications aimed at the internal audience will deal with the how’s, where’s and why’s of your company’s energy efficiency plan and how it will benefit them and the environment. Communications directed at your external audience will showcase your facility’s commitment to environmental responsibility and reduced energy consumption.

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