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HOW MUCH will your EAP cost?

Finally, establish a budget. Break it down into separate elements, such as


  • Turn off
    – incandescent lights when they are not needed
    – fluorescent lights when they will remain off for at least 15 minutes
    – high-intensity discharge lights when they will remain off for at least an hour
  • Implement a regular maintenance program to minimize heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) system component failures.
  • communications (e.g., newsletters, posters)
  • promotional materials (e.g., T-shirts, buttons)
  • refreshments and food
  • awards and prizes
  • facilitators and speakers
  • entertainment
  • equipment rentals

You may want to budget these elements for different phases of the EAP, such as planning, implementation, maintaining the momentum, and follow-up.

Consider seeking outside funding if your plans are beyond your organization’s means. It is worth approaching community foundations, local service clubs with an environmental mandate, various levels of government and utilities. Don’t overlook the possibility of product and other donations (e.g., prizes, refreshments) from suppliers and customers who share similar objectives.

When your EAP is up and running, review how much is being spent. An EAP is no different from other company operations. A detailed budget and regular audits are needed to control costs.

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