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Conclusions - Positioning Natural Resources Canada’s Science and Technology in the Innovation System

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Over the years, NRCan has had to respond to a variety of global, national and stakeholder pressures and it has done well. NRCan has a right to be proud of its accomplishments; it is highly regarded by clients, collaborators and stakeholders for the scientific and technical expertise of its employees and for the S&T knowledge base it possesses. However, by continuing to operate in the same manner, the department was limiting improved effectiveness. Upon assessment, a transformation of the departmental S&T framework and programs has begun under the leadership of the Deputy Minister and senior managers. One of the goals of the transformation is to achieve a more horizontal approach to priorities, policies, programs and operations.

The assessment of NRCan’s position in the innovation system has been very illuminating. We have increased our knowledge and understanding of how other countries’ innovation systems operate, and how the Canadian system of innovation has evolved. We learned how other science-based federal departments and agencies have responded to challenges similar to those faced by NRCan and from them have taken away valuable lessons. Our stakeholders discussed their current and future expectations for NRCan, and their candid observations and feedback were instrumental in targeting our findings to the natural resources sector.

Now, armed with constructive advice, a wealth of relevant information and guided by the new Federal S&T Strategy, we will work to re-shape NRCan so that it can effectively integrate S&T within its policy objectives. This will equip NRCan to improve the quality of life of Canadians by creating a sustainable resource future.

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