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Here you will find adaptation project reports developed with the support of the Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Division (CCIAD), NRCan.  “Since 2012, CCIAD has funded over 85 projects. This page will be updated as final reports from these projects become available.”

These project reports are presented in the language of the author.

Background Document and Workshop Report: Measuring Progress on Adaptation in Canada (2012)

Cover page of  report, titled, Finale Report- Background Document and Workshop Report: Measuring Progress on Adaptation in Canada

(PDF, 1.38 MB, 32 pages)
This report presents the results of discussions at the national workshop on measuring adaptation progress in Canada that took place in Montreal, in March 2012, and provides a summary of general information on how adaptation progress is measured.

Conservation and effective water use in the St. Laurent watershed (2012)

Cover page of report, titled « Pour des mesures de conservation et d'utilisation efficace de l'eau adaptables aux changements climatiques pour le bassin du fleuve Saint-Laurent»

(PDF, 4.47 MB, 191 pages) (French only)
This project identifies appropriate adaptation measures for sectors and regions of the St. Laurent watershed where the demand for water may increase due to climate change.

Production of permafrost mapping features for Nunavik (2013)

Cover page of case study, titled,«  Production de cartes des caractéristiques du pergélisol afin de guider le développement de l’environnement bâti pour quatre communautés du Nunavik »

(PDF, 22 MB, 99 pages) (French only)
This report characterizes vulnerability of land degradation (permafrost thawing) and associated risk to the built environment for four selected communities, in support of predictive mapping for further residential development.

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