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CHAPTER 3: Case studies: Integrating climate change considerations into municipal decision making

The case studies presented here demonstrate how Canadian communities are starting to address climate change adaptation. While they do not claim to represent best practices, they serve to raise awareness of climate change impacts and provide insights as to how these challenges might be addressed by other communities facing similar issues.

Certain case studies reflect actions taken by communities as a specific response to recognized climate change impacts (e.g. Clyde River, Le Goulet and Québec). Other studies represent actions that reduce vulnerability to climate change even though this was not the main reason for implementing the initiatives (e.g. Kamloops, Metro Vancouver and Regina). All the case studies exemplify how communities followed a decision-making process that directly or indirectly considered climate change adaptation and improved community capacity for long-term adaptation planning and implementation.

The case studies listed in the following table illustrate a range of climate change impacts and possible adaptations, using municipalities of varying sizes from across Canada. For further information, see the “References” chapter.

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