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Public Service Renewal Video

At Natural Resources Canada, we see the link between building a progressive workplace culture and delivering results for Canadians. Our submission on public service renewal reflects that vision.

Our story highlights innovation in our achievements, recruiting and support for our employees. It shows how a healthy, respectful workplace allows employees to flourish.

We chose to convey all this concisely, using a fresh medium—a hybrid of graphic novel and video. To make it work, we took some artistic licence, mixing fictional characters with real achievements and best practices in human resources.

Some elements of our story are embedded in the daily business of our department. Others are being introduced more gradually. But we’re proud of all the progress we’ve made and delighted to share some of it with you.

Public Service Renewal Video


The Clerk of the Privy Council believes in the energy and creativity of public servants.

Back in the early 80s, when I started at NRCan, scientists began noticing a sharp rise in global temperatures.

Last year, we penned a historic agreement to help control it: the North American Climate, Clean Energy and Environment Partnership.

The Blackberry was new when I started in 2001.

Now, I work on apps that give foresters an inventory of trees at their fingertips.

When I got here in 1984, the first Canadian was going up in space.

Today, my pride and joy is an energy-efficient house for the North that can be built in a week.

I’m Zeina.  Compared with all of you, I’m a rookie. Only two years at NRCan, and it feels like home.

When I joined NRCan, I never imagined a fire as big as the one in Fort McMurray. Or a role for me in putting it out.

Our team’s models of fire and smoke sent firefighters where they were needed most.

And NRCan did so much more.

Satellite mapping.  Crowdsourcing data. Looking at causes. All super-important.

The fire was devastating.

But it helped to know that we were saving homes, businesses and wildlife.

We are all proud of what we did. But a big part of it was NRCan…“setting the table” for our success.

That includes getting the right people on board.

For me, it all started in the last year of my Master’s.

A friend sent me a link to @NRCan jobs on Twitter.

That hooked me up with an on-campus career fair. I was interviewed and offered a job…on the spot.  Amazing.

I feel like I’ve had longer waits for lattes.

The first days of a new job can make you feel like you’re in a waiting room.

At NRCan, things were super busy from the start.

Everyone was ready for me. Including my designated “buddy.” She made sure I knew what to do and who I needed to know.

An onboarding session took care of the big picture.

There were some nice surprises too. Like employee networks for visible minorities, women and young professionals.

An employee survey flagged nagging issues such as red tape and harassment.

The good news is that we had every chance to be part of the solution.

NRCan treats us with respect. And we do the same with each other. That takes me back to the Clerk. He’s made it a priority to build healthy, respectful workplaces.

I’m Christyne Tremblay, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources Canada. What does success mean to me?

It's people like Zeina…Phil…Marie and David.

When we take care of our staff, they take care of Canadians. A healthy workplace that makes room for creativity is key to our success.

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