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Future AshNet work

AshNet is working on the following projects:

Tree growth and foliar nutrition report

This project is a synthesis of tree growth and foliar nutrition responses to ash application across multiple AshNet study sites from British Columbia to Quebec. Sites have different characteristics, ash application rates, and tree species.

Potential for wood ash application to emulate wildland fire disturbance

This project is a meta-analysis of published studies looking at the effects of forest wood ash amendment compared to the effects of wildland fires on soil properties across boreal, temperate and Mediterranean biomes.

Soil health project

A project that looks at the characterization of soil health properties across multiple AshNet studies with varying site characteristics, ash application rates, and tree species.

Biodiversity assessments

We are exploring the effects of ash application on biodiversity. We have two projects underway: the first is a set of individual assessments of understory vegetation at specific AshNet study sites; the second is a series of assessments of soil fauna (bacteria, fungi and invertebrates) using DNA metabarcoding techniques across multiple AshNet study sites.

Wood ash amendment as a silvicultural tool

We have established two new AshNet study sites, one at Porridge Lake, Ontario and the other at Valcartier, Quebec. They will be monitored to see if ash amendment could be a potential silvicultural tool to promote declining high-value maple and birch, and help to reduce the impacts of beech bark disease on stand development.

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