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Development of next generation energy efficiency housing standards

R-2000 Net Zero Energy Pilot

With drafts of the 2014 R-2000 and EnerGuide Rating System technical standards now completed by advisory committees through Standards Council of Canada based processes, NRCan is undertaking to field-trial these standards in an R-2000 Net Zero Energy pilot.

Drawing on NRCan's national systems and infrastructure, including its certified energy advisors, R-2000 house certification process and quality assurance protocols, formalizing R-2000 Net Zero Energy will provide recognized metrics, objectivity, standardization and credibility to this emerging space. The pilot is also aimed at advancing the commoditization of net zero energy homes in Canada by focusing on off-the-shelf technology. NRCan will use the pilot to examine the best means for seamlessly incorporating the net zero energy offering into its suite of standards on a permanent basis moving forward. Although only full net zero homes will be eligible to participate, NRCan will also use this opportunity to explore possibilities for including net zero energy ready homes in its future activities.



Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) works with stakeholders across Canada to enhance and improve programs and initiatives to promote energy-efficient homes.

EnerGuide Rating System (ERS)

Obtaining an EnerGuide home evaluation under the EnerGuide Rating System is the first step in smart home renovations and new home design. Over one million homeowners in Canada have obtained an EnerGuide rating since the system was developed by NRCan in 1997.

To ensure our energy efficiency standards reflect improvements in technologies and practices, NRCan is collaborating with key stakeholders to set the direction for the next generation of energy efficiency standards in Canada. In 2010, NRCan launched a consultative process to update the EnerGuide Rating System in order to keep pace with new technologies and to meet the ever increasing demands placed on the system by the provinces and territories, utilities and industry. As a result of the process, the new EnerGuide Rating System Standard has been developed to reflect those updates. To view the EnerGuide Rating Standard and other relevant documents log into NRCan’s public resource centre.

The process followed a transparent, committee-based, consultative approach that involved over 300 stakeholders and expert participants from across Canada and included a public review. Learn more about the development of the updated EnerGuide Rating System.

ENERGY STAR® for New Homes

NRCan launched the ENERGY STAR for New Homes (ESNH) initiative in 2005 to provide homeowners with increased access to energy-efficient new homes and to provide builders with a simplified means to build energy efficient homes in cost effective manner, using common building practices.

With code requirements in some provinces catching up to energy efficiency levels required for ENERGY STAR certified homes, NRCan started working with stakeholders across the country in 2010 to develop a new ENERGY STAR for New Homes Standard. The new ESNH Standard was launched in 2012. To view the ENERGY STAR for New Homes Standard log into NRCan’s public resource centre. The ENERGY STAR certified homes built to the new standard are on average 20% more energy-efficient than typical homes built to minimum code requirements.

R-2000 Standard

The R-2000 Standard includes requirements for high levels of insulation, clean air features and measures to help protect the environment. R-2000 has been the best in class energy efficiency home label for more than 30 years.

The Standard is reviewed and updated on a regular basis by NRCan and industry experts to ensure R-2000 maintains its place as a best-in class standard on the leading edge of energy efficient building science in new home construction. In 2009 NRCan coordinated a consultative process to update the R-2000 Standard in conjunction with the Canadian Home Builder’s Association (CHBA) and other key stakeholders. It was necessary to redefine the overall performance requirements in order to once again position R-2000 houses at the leading edge of new home construction. The updated R-2000 Standard was launched in 2012. To view the R-2000 Standard log into NRCan’s public resource centre.


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