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So… here it is. One of the biggest moments of your life. One of the biggest DECISIONS in your life, too – buying a home.

You’ve probably done lots of research, most of it about the “W’s”:

  • Where you will live…
  • What size of home you will live in… 
  • Who your lender will be…
  • When you’ll take possession…

… Those kinds of things.

Well, we’re Natural Resources Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency and we’d like to talk to you… not about the “W’s”… but about the letter “R”.

Specifically, R-2000 – and why choosing a home that is built to Canada’s R-2000 standard is a very important, practical, smart, and forward-looking choice.

Here we go.

You may have heard the term R-Value. Here’s what it means: it’s the measure of how well the insulation in something like a home either keeps in… or keeps out… heat.

You may have also heard the phrase “R-2000”. Well, R-2000 is a voluntary housing standard – a benchmark that documents a whole series of things about how a home should be built in order to deliver high standards of energy efficiency. R-2000 homes are designed and built to have high R-values and greater energy efficiency throughout your home.

Natural Resources Canada, along with key industry stakeholders, developed the first R-2000 standard thirty years ago and we’ve monitored it and improved on it constantly.

In fact, every R-2000 home is constructed by a licensed and specially trained builder; evaluated, inspected and tested by an independent third-party energy advisor, and certified by the Government of Canada.

Over the past 30 years, thousands of Canadians have chosen these energy efficient homes that have helped them save money, enjoy healthier indoor air, and take positive steps for the environment, too. In fact, choosing an R-2000 home is a great way to minimize your ecological footprint by reducing your share of greenhouse gas emissions.

Now – here’s the most interesting part.

We’ve created a new, far more stringent R-2000 standard to meet the heightened expectations of today’s home buyer. R-2000 homes built to the 2012 Standard will meet energy efficiency requirements that have been increased by a whopping 50%.

In essence, we’ve taken the industry leading standard in energy efficiency… and made it even better.


Because costs for traditional fuels and electricity are so unpredictable…

Because we know we must battle hard to reduce harmful greenhouse gases…

Because we now know so much more about the importance of indoor air quality…

And when we consider our wonderful but sometimes cold and harsh, and always interesting climate like Canada’s… an R-2000 home is a bit like putting a big, comfy blanket around you, your family, and your investment!

Let’s take a look inside your R-2000 home. Here’s what you may find:

  • High insulation levels in walls, ceilings and basements
  • High-efficiency windows and doors
  • High-efficiency heating and cooling systems 
  • A balanced, whole-house mechanical ventilation system
  • Water-conserving toilets, showers, and faucets

Many R-2000 home builders also use building materials that are less toxic and have less of an impact on the environment. Talk to your builder about these options! 

So… what’s the bottom line?

As you take this very important step, calculating the W’s AND the R’s… it’s a chance for you to invest in the future. In the health of your family, in environmental responsibility, and in year-round comfort, too.

Yes, you will spend more for your R-2000 home – in the same way that you’d spend more for a vehicle that has advanced safety features or an appliance that gives you more energy efficient performance.

You will save money on your heating and cooling costs, and that’s a comforting thought, too!

Yes, buying a home is a big decision… that’s why choosing an R-2000 home makes a lot of sense.

R-2000. Expect more from your home.

[A message from the Government of Canada]


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