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Builder Feedback:

“It’s when we (builders) are in a room together and we use the LEEP process to work through the technologies together that we get a much clearer and deeper grasp of those technologies and a better idea of how they fit into the building process.”
Doug Tarry – Owner, Doug Tarry Homes, St. Thomas, Ontario

“The LEEP process in our estimation was a success because it gave the Builders the opportunity, through their participation, to steer the wheel in regards to what we believe will work locally instead of having solutions created elsewhere and having them pushed onto us.” Dale Verville, Production Manager, Qualico Single Family Homes,
Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Recently, I was privileged to participate in the Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships (LEEP) program in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia... LEEP was a fantastic opportunity for the builders who participated. If you see this opportunity in your local area I highly recommend it. It is time very well spent. I am using new wall and mechanical systems as a result of what I learned during LEEP.”
Bob Deeks, RDC Fine Homes, Whistler, BC



“Through LEEP, our builder group found options, solutions, and ways to adapt to rising Building Code challenges and higher performing energy stretch targets, while still keeping affordability top of mind for their clients. It was a beneficial experience and one that brought deep and diverse resources to Manitoba that may not have been achievable without the collaboration of the entire LEEP team, and their customization of the information to the Manitoba market.”
Colleen Kuruluk, Manager, Marketing Programs Department, Customer Care & Energy Conservation, Manitoba Hydro

“BC Hydro is a proud supporter of NRCan’s LEEP, which brings forward-thinking builders together to share ideas and enthusiasm in building better, more energy efficient homes. LEEP examines best practices and leading edge technologies, advances local knowledge and skills, reduces builder risk in trying new technologies, and helps advance the performance of all new homes.”
Gary Hamer, Advanced DSM Strategies, Conservation & Energy Management, BC Hydro


“The original London Energy Efficiency Partnership (LEEP) project played, and continues to play, a key role in the City of London’s climate change strategy. Residential energy use is a significant contributor to London’s greenhouse gas emissions, and the legacy created by this partnership with the London Home Builders’ Association is a cornerstone of London’s new Community Energy Action Plan.”
Jamie Skimming – Manager, Air Quality, City of London, London, Ontario


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