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Amendment 9

November 2006

Registration and publication of Regulations Amending Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations

Amendment 9 to the Energy Efficiency Regulations was registered and published on November 2, 2006.

Canada Gazette, Part II

Amendment 9 was published in the Canada Gazette Part II, or (SOR/DORS/2006/271 pages 138 to 194 in .pdf file) on November 15, 2006.

Canada Gazette, Part I

Amendment 9 was pre-published on May 6, 2006 in the Canada Gazette Part I.

Effective dates

  • effective immediately:
    • air-conditioner and heat pumps under 19kW (Btu/h)
    • package terminal air-conditioners and heat pumps
    • large air-conditioners and heat pumps
    • ground- and water-source heat pumps
    • internal water loop heat pumps
    • fluorescent lamp ballasts
    • dry-type transformers
    • exit signs
    • residential refrigerators/freezers
    • changes to the criteria for recognition of certification bodies
  • effective January 1, 2007:
    • refrigerated beverage or snack and beverage vending machines;  
  • effective April 1, 2007:
    • self-contained commercial refrigerators, freezers, and refrigerators-freezers.

For information on requirements in the Regulations for each product, consult Natural Resources Canada’s Requirements for energy-using products.

Further details

The amendment:

  • updates the test method and increases the stringency of energy performance requirements for central air-conditioners and heat pumps less than 19kW (65,000 Btu/h). As a result, the Regulations will be harmonized with the required performance level of SEER 13 in the United States and the province of Ontario;
  • increases the stringency of existing minimum performance requirements for three types of air conditioners used in the commercial/institutional sector. Packaged terminal air conditioners and heat pumps are heating and cooling assemblies mounted through-the-wall and are often found in motel and hotel rooms. Large air conditioners and heat pumps and internal water-loop heat pumps are used for heating and cooling of large commercial buildings;
  • introduces regulatory requirements for minimum energy efficiency requirements for beverage vending machines and commercial reach-in refrigeration;
  • introduces requirements for 2 new types of residential refrigerating appliances: chest freezers with automatic defrost, Type 10A and automatic defrost refrigerator-freezer, with bottom-mounted freezer and through-the-door-ice service, Type 5A. The amendment will ensure that minimum standard requirements and labelling are harmonized in Canada and the U.S. for these products;
  • repeals the effective date for internally-lighted exit signs. This change will broaden the coverage of the requirement to include all exit signs regardless of the date of manufacture;
  • repeals the effective date for fluorescent lamp ballasts and introduce ballast efficacy factors for energy-saving lamps. It will also modify specific exclusion criteria for certain ballasts, such as ambient temperature of operation and dimming capabilities. The amendment will also allow for ballasts that operate a small subset of residential F32T8 lamps to operate at a lower power factor than specified in the current regulations
  • repeals the tap range exemption for dry-type transformers;
  • repeals the requirement of Minister's recognition of certification bodies accredited by the Standards Council of Canada;
  • addresses administrative items such as ensuring that the French and English versions of the Regulations are identical;
  • updates the numbering system of items included in Part I of Schedule I of the Regulations. The amendment will also update the Regulations by adding references to the newly available French version of certain CSA Standards, as well as updating the reference of the test method for dishwashers.

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