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EnerGuide label for battery-electric vehicles

Below is a sample label for a battery-electric vehicle. To help you compare vehicles that use electricity, a conversion factor is used to convert electrical energy consumption values, expressed in kilowatt hours per 100 kilometres (kWh/100 km), into gasoline litres equivalent per 100 kilometres (Le/100 km). One litre of gasoline contains the energy equivalent to 8.9 kWh of electricity.

Sample EnerGuide label with three key elements numbered; these are described in the text below.

1. Fuel consumption – This is a prominent combined fuel consumption rating and separate city and highway fuel consumption ratings in Le/100 km, and the combined electricity consumption rating expressed in kWh/100 km. The combined rating reflects 55% city and 45% highway driving.

2. Recharge time – This shows the estimated time (in hours) to fully recharge the battery at 240 volts

3. Driving range – This shows the estimated driving distance (in kilometres) on a fully charged battery


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