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Behind the label—EnerGuide

EnerGuide ratings are tested and verified

The EnerGuide symbol on the EnerGuide label is a registered trademark of the Government of Canada; it cannot be reproduced without permission.

EnerGuide symbol

The familiar symbol tells Canadians that we are looking at a government-backed program. It assures us that we can rely on the information provided on the label.

The EnerGuide label is visible proof that the product has been tested and verified to meet or exceed minimum energy performance standards set by Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations. Products using the label include major household appliances and specific heating and cooling equipment.

Detailed information for manufacturers

Additional information for retailers

Standardized testing means assurance

Before a product can carry an EnerGuide label, it must be tested.

The tests determine how much energy the product would use under average Canadian conditions. Different product types use different measurements.

Tests procedures are standardized to ensure that labelled products are tested according to the same criteria and that the EnerGuide rating is comparable from one label to another within the same class of products.

Similarly, the Government of Canada, whenever possible, aligns its standards and testing procedures with those in the United States.

Energy efficiency verification mark

Regulated energy-consuming products imported to Canada or shipped between provinces/territories must carry an energy efficiency verification mark from a certification body accredited for energy efficiency by the Standards Council of Canada. It is not a safety certification mark.

The energy efficiency verification mark can be a small label or an addition to the product's nameplate.

Detailed information on the energy efficiency verification mark, listing of accredited certification bodies, and examples of their respective energy efficiency verification marks can be found in the Regulations and standards section of the NRCan website.

To view examples of verification marks visit the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) website.

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