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Housing innovation

Housing accounts for approximately 17% of secondary energy used in Canada.

Net Zero Energy (NZE) housing

The idea of a Net Zero Energy (NZE) home is that it produces at least as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis.

Affordable Net Zero Energy homes

The affordable Net Zero Energy Homes project extends the Path to Net Zero initiative through an intensive evaluation.

Low-solar and high-solar gain glazings

A key determinant of a window’s energy efficiency is its glazing.

HVAC and energy systems

Innovative technologies for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration of Canada’s homes and buildings.

Path to Net-Zero Energy homes

The 'Path to Net Zero' project is part of a four-year study, led by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), to develop a framework and methodology for regionally sensitive construction recommendations.

Housing highlights

Builders are the key to being able to increase the speed at which early products are adopted in their marketplace.

Manufacturer’s guide to high performance CSA P.9 tested combination systems

This CanmetENERGY report provides guidance to manufacturers of condensing on-demand water heaters.

Prefabricated Exterior Energy Retrofit

Developing, testing and validating innovative prefabricated building envelope technologies for retrofitting existing Canadian homes from the exterior.

Photovoltaic ready guidelines

The PV Ready Guidelines describes design considerations and specifies modifications builders can make to new attached and detached homes.

Zoning Duct Design Guide

The Zoning Duct Design Guide has been developed in an effort to provide mechanical designers with a generic approach for designing zoned ducting systems.

Canadian Centre for Housing Technology

The Canadian Centre for Housing Technology (CCHT) is a unique twin-house facility used for the research and testing of residential technologies.

Solar Ready Guidelines

The Solar Ready Guidelines specify a number of design considerations and modifications builders can make to new attached and detached homes.

Applied Technology Research for Communities and Infrastructure

Experts help to accelerate the deployment of innovative technologies and solutions that will reduce the energy required by Canadian communities.

Net Zero Energy and Net Zero Energy Ready Housing (ecoEII Net-Zero Demonstration and the R-2000 Net-Zero Energy Pilot)

This report describes the lessons learned from demonstration projects aiming to demonstrate the construction of Net Zero Energy and Net Zero Energy Ready Housing.

Air source heat pump sizing and selection toolkit

A downloadable guide, checklist, tool, and case studies designed to help mechanical system designers and renovation contractors size and select air source heat pumps (ASHP) for Canadian climates, in both new and existing (retrofit) residential applications.

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