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Industrial processes release large amounts of energy into the atmosphere, part of which can be recovered for reuse, thus generating significant energy savings. Potential heat recovery possibilities can be found in service-producing utility systems and also at the process level. Maximizing the amount of heat recovered requires an integrated approach which includes both the utilities and the process itself. For such purposes, CanmetENERGY promotes the use of process integration.

INTEGRATION Software: A Unique Tool for Identifying and Assessing Energy Saving Projects

CanmetENERGY developed the INTEGRATION software in order to better respond to the need for practical and low-cost process integration computation tools. With this software, energy efficiency experts are able to identify and evaluate energy saving projects in a global analysis framework. More specifically, the INTEGRATION software can:

  • Determine the energy performance of industrial energy systems
  • Identify and quantify actual waste heat levels as well as areas where heat exchange is inadequate
  • Quickly analyze changes in the operating conditions of energy-intensive equipment such as boilers, compressors, kilns, dryers, etc.
  • Define and evaluate heat recovery projects at the level of energy-intensive equipment and heat exchanger networks

Coupled with training activities and technical support for its users, the INTEGRATION software is an important component of the Process Integration Skills Development Program, managed by CanmetENERGY and its partners. Software development is supported by the Office of Energy Efficiency (Natural Resources Canada) and the Bureau de l’efficacité et de l’innovation énergétiques.

The INTEGRATION software as well as technical support for its users are only available to Canadian engineers having attended the energy integration of industrial processes training course. Therefore, if you wish to obtain the software, you must first register and attend the training course.

INTEGRATION Software Features

The INTEGRATION software consists of several computation modules based on sophisticated analysis models and tools built around a user-friendly interface. It also includes a comprehensive user guide.

For more information about the INTEGRATION software features, see the pages describing the different software modules:

Screenshot of the Integration Software

Screenshot of the INTEGRATION Software

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