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Scientific Research (SE-RES)

The planning, conduct, evaluation and management of fundamental research, knowledge enhancement, technology development and innovation relevant to defense science, historical research and archival science, mathematics and the natural sciences.  The work of federal research scientists ensures that departments have the sound scientific base for strategic and effective policies, regulations and programs to anticipate and meet the future needs and challenges of the department.  Research scientists perform their work in pursuance of departmental mandates in order to attain the specified outcomes or to conceptualize, identify, formulate and set in motion new outcomes in delivering programs. 


Doctoral degree from a recognized post-secondary institution in a field of natural sciences related to the duties of the position.

Salary Range

$53, 161 - $133, 410

Types of positions may include:

  • Research Scientist in Earth Sciences, Forestry, Minerals & Metals, Innovation & Energy Technology
  • Environmental Chemist
  • Earthquake Seismologist
  • Ecophysiologist
  • Geosciences GIS/3D Specialist
  • Physical Scientist
  • Thermochronologist
  • Tree Development Physiologist

Duties may include:

  • Plan, conduct and evaluate research and development and innovation in the natural sciences within or outside the federal government, sometimes in collaboration with other agencies, designed to advance scientific knowledge and technology through significant and original additions to current understanding, concepts and theories;
  • Manage or co-ordinate organizations in the federal government conducting programs of research, knowledge enhancement, technology development and innovation in the natural sciences;
  • Provide scientific advice on the direction, conduct and management of these programs;
  • Provide advice on the above research programs;
  • Lead any of the above activities.

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