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NRCan is an established leader in science and technology! Join us in one of Canada’s most innovative government departments. If you are passionate about engaging with or working with Canada’s rich array of natural resources, working in one of our many laboratories or offices located around the country and want to work in a department that has received the Canada’s Best Employers 2022 designation, NRCan is the right place for you.

Discover exciting career opportunities at NRCan

We value your unique set of skills. At NRCan, our career opportunities offer diverse experiences and expose you to many different fields. Whether your interest lies in science, engineering, technology, policy and economics, or corporate services such as human resources, finance, communications, auditing, or information management and technology, NRCan has opportunities for you!



Career opportunities in the energy sector

Exploring newer and cleaner energy technologies, improving the energy efficiency of your home, developing and testing alternative fuel sources, enhancing sustainable development of oil and gas in Canada are just a few of the areas of energy NRCan explores and holds various employment opportunities.

Some opportunities include:

  • Energy efficiency – Engineers (Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Geological, Mechanical, Metallurgical, Mining, Petroleum, etc.)
  • Energy sources and distribution - Technologists and Technicians in various fields including forestry, chemistry, land surveying, geomatics, meteorology, etc.
  • Program administration and policy development

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  Minerals and mining

Career opportunities in the minerals and mining sector

Canada is a highly-regarded mining nation with valuable critical minerals and metals, excellence in earth sciences and innovation, and a reputation for sustainable and ethical mining.

Discover how you can contribute to Canadian leadership in mining and be part of making these raw materials into consumable products like smart phones, wind turbines, and batteries for electric vehicles. Jobs include: chemists, mining and metallurgical engineers and technologists.

NRCan has a  centre of expertise on Canada’s landmass, and has a wealth of knowledge that contributes to the economic growth of our country and helps Canadians stay safe and adapt to a changing climate.

Other types of positions may include: Coastal Geologist, Corrosion Specialist, Deforestation Specialist, Environment Advisor, Fibre Bio-Geoinformatics Analyst, Forest Geomatics Researcher, Geophysicist, Marine Collections Curator, or policy advisor, program management.

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Career opportunities in the forestry sector

Canada is rich in forest resources and a world leader in sustainable forest management. The health of our forests, as well as the communities that depend on them are influenced by a variety of environmental, societal and economic factors.

Natural Resources Canada is the national and international voice for Canada’s forest sector. We collaborate closely with Canada’s provinces and territories to ensure our forests are sustainable and healthy for our country and the world to enjoy.

With our many regional research centres and one virtual research centre. NRCan offers a stimulating work environment and is always looking for passionate, talented individuals to fill positions such as: research scientist, forestry officer, biologist, geographical information systems specialist, technician, policy analyst, economic analyst, knowledge exchange officer, deforestation advisor, environmental advisor, etc.

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  Mapping and earth observation

Career opportunities in the mapping and earth observation sector

NRCan offers geospatial information, services and analytics to support files such as climate change and adaptation, Indigenous reconciliation, cumulative effects, flood mapping, and emergency management.

As a leader in open geospatial data and Artificial Intelligence, NRCan is a creator and steward of some of the largest datasets in government. It aims to increase the quality and quantity of geospatial data, make data fit-for-use and relies on collaborative partnerships with provinces, territories and Indigenous peoples to achieve this.Our  projects contribute to Arctic and Northern development, such as maintaining and modernizing satellite-receiving stations for the benefit of the Government of Canada and industry.

Opportunities exist in many other areas, including: the Arctic, Climate Change, Earth Observation, Geomatics, Hydrology, Laboratories, Materials Technology, Natural Hazards, Oceanography, Remote Sensing, Renewable Energy.

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  Science and data

Career opportunities in the science and data sector

Our Science and Technology leadership is a cornerstone of Canada's strength as a natural resources powerhouse. At NRCan, you can explore opportunities in the field of science through scientific and historical research, technology development, mathematics and natural sciences.

Through the work of federal research, our scientists ensure that departments within the public service have the scientific base to develop strategic and effective policies, regulations and programs to anticipate future challenges and meet departmental needs.

NRCan provides leadership, oversight and advice on cross-cutting science policy, capacity, communication and management issues to support a coherent, effective and modern NRCan Science and Technology enterprise.


Canada is fortunate to have an abundance of natural resources that have fostered opportunity and well-being throughout our history.

Forest products build our home and work environments.

Minerals and metals for the products we use and the technologies we rely on.

And energy sources to heat our homes, light our lives and drive our public and private transportation.

Several of the Government of Canada’s earliest science organizations are recognized around the world as pioneers in the sustainable management of natural resources, creating a firm and lasting foundation for our competitive advantage.

Today, these organizations and others are the vital pillars of Natural Resources Canada, and they remain committed to sustainable development to ensure that Canada’s natural resources continue to be a source of prosperity, while protecting the environment.

At NRCan, our expertise is highly specialized, calling upon a wide variety of professional skills.

Natural science specialists — like geologists, biologists, chemists and physicists;

Technology experts — engineers, computer system developers and specialized lab technicians;

Social scientists — including economists, geographers and sociologists.

This expertise calls upon the unique talents of dedicated individuals who are diverse in not just what they do but in who they are — inventive by nature!

And our diversity is strengthened through networks of collaborators, working with Indigenous communities and specialized research groups in universities and research centres and with colleagues in policy, advisory and operational roles.

Together, we respond to challenges in science and technology and contribute to the development of natural resources by:

  • reducing costs, minimizing waste and improving process efficiencies…
  • restoring sites, protecting and strengthening ecosystems…
  • developing energy-efficient and renewable energy solutions…
  • mitigating risks from explosives, forest fires and natural disasters like earthquakes or floods…
  • and enhancing our resilience to the impacts of climate change.

We are present in communities across the country — often in specialized research centres — working alongside collaborators from industry and other government organizations.

This proximity to local needs and regional issues stimulates innovation and results in direct knowledge-sharing opportunities.

In these ways and many others, NRCan builds its networks of knowledge and applies them for the public good, helping to inform decisions from coast to coast to coast.

NRCan is always at work for Canada— because leadership on how we manage our land and its great resources today will determine our quality of life for tomorrow.

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  Climate change

Career opportunities related to climate change

Protecting the environment and growing the economy go hand in hand. Taking action on climate change means doing our part to reduce emissions and increase climate resilience, but it will also help Canada to diversify our economy and generate well-paying jobs. The global economy is moving toward a greener future and Canada is working to keep pace. Natural Resources Canada wants to increase the creation and adoption of clean technologies in key sectors of the Canadian economy: energy, mining and forestry.

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  NRCan-Indigenous relationships and natural resources

Career opportunities in the NRCan-Indigenous relationships and natural resource sector

NRCan is helping to build strong NRCan-Indigenous relationships where Inuit, Métis and First Nations are true partners in Canada’s natural resource advantage. The creation of the Nòkwewashk sector, in collaboration with our Indigenous network, leads the development of strategic Indigenous policy in the department by representing NRCan on cross-cutting Indigenous priorities across government and by developing tools and guidance that support NRCan’s sector activities, as well as by helping connect NRCan with Indigenous communities, governments and organizations.

NRCan encourages Indigenous participation to ensure concerns and interests are taken into consideration throughout the resource sector and for major projects, including:

  • Land claims in the North
  • Participation in mining activities
  • Indigenous Natural Resources Partnerships

Major natural resource projects are an important source of economic growth and job creation in all regions of Canada. NRCan supports major projects by providing overarching project coordination, management and accountability for major resource projects within the federal regulatory review process; including consultation.

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  Policy and economics

Career opportunities in the policy and economics sector

Our policy experts supports the Minister of NRCan and Senior Management by providing integrated and evidence-based policy advice on a range of economic, international, intergovernmental, geospatial and results-driven issues.

Policy analysts and economists working at NRCan have the opportunity to work on key policy areas, such as climate change and environmental protection, competitiveness and working with Indigenous peoples. Other examples include: market, data, and business analyst, demographer, business insights consultant, and policy analysts.

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  Domestic and international markets

Career opportunities in domestic and international markets

The right conditions are needed to secure and create jobs and wealth for all Canadians. Canada's energy, mining and forest sectors impart economic benefits, such as job creation and capital investments.

The planning, development, delivery and management of economic development policies, programs, services and other activities designed to promote the establishment, growth and improvement of industry, commerce, and export trade; the regulation of trade and commerce.

Types of positions may include: program officer, business development officer, network liaison officer, policy and promotion advisor, science policy advisor, climate change officer, energy guide officer and intellectual property officer.

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  Corporate priorities and services

Career opportunities in corporate priorities and Services

Corporate priorities and services within NRCan are the backbone of our science and policy work. These areas include Finance, Legal, Audit and Evaluation, Human Resources, and Communications.

We hire experts in: marketing and social media, human resource specialists in learning, staffing and talent management, service desk technicians, web designers and developers, computer programmers and interactive media developers, evaluators, auditors as well as financial officers, accountants, lawyers, and more.

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