Long Descriptions

Figure 1

This picture shows the meandering Chinchaga River, Alberta (September 1955) surrounded on either side by many U-shaped oxbow lakes.

Figure 2

This picture shows three kinds of vegetation patterns. A forest plantation, shown at the top of the picture, can be identified by the straight row pattern making it look like a dark grey wool carpet. On the right side of the picture, a natural forest can be identified by its white cloudy unstructured pattern. Finally, on the left side of the picture, a lighter coloured more uniform pattern represents an open field.

Figure 3

This picture shows, at the top left, a residential street whose size can be compared to the much larger multi-lane highway shown at the bottom of the picture.

Figure 4

This picture shows the contrast between the water in black in the upper part of the picture and the light coloured sand in the lower part of the picture immediately below the water.

Figure 5

This picture shows 2 different sizes of shadows. On the left side of the picture, a large building casts a long wide shadow to its right indicating that it is a high-rise building. At the bottom left corner of the picture, smaller shadows indicate low-rise buildings.

Figure 6

The picture shows a portion of the Lake Louise, Alberta, shoreline (July 1971). In the bottom right corner of the picture, calm water is characterized by a smooth appearance. On the left side of the picture, the forest presents a rough texture similar to a field of rocks.

Figure 7

This picture shows Esquimalt Harbour, British Columbia (July 1993). In the middle of the picture, one can easily identify the large wharf with ships moored a long side it. The dry dock, identifiable by its gates, is located just above the wharf, and above the dry dock, on land, a railway line crosses the picture.

Figure 8

This figure displays 3 photographs of an Ottawa, Ontario, neighborhood showing the changes made over a 13 year period. In the upper left hand corner of the May 1983 photo, a wooded area exists. In the same location on the June 1984 photo, an addition to the neighbourhood is under construction, and in the May 1996 photo, as indicated by the change in the street network, the addition to the neighbourhood is completed.

Figure 9

The picture shows a woman looking at 2 aerial photographs through a stereoscope.