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Integrated Dispatchable Resource Network for Local Electric Distribution Utility

Strategic Area

Smart Grid Demonstration & Deployment




  • The City of Saint John
  • Stash Energy
  • University of New Brunswick
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
  • Open Systems International
  • Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency


Green Infrastructure



GI Contribution

$ 4.6 M – Demonstration

$ 1.72 – Deployment

Project Total

$ 15,806,309 M


Saint John, NB

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Saint John Energy

Smart Energy Project

Smart Energy Participation Form

Lead Proponent

The Power Commission of The City of Saint John (Saint John Energy)

Project Objectives

Saint John Energy's smart control centre

Saint John Energy's smart control centre

  • Text version Inside Saint John Energy's smart control centre, an integral part of the smart grid the firm is creating as part of its vision to build the Utility of the Future for Saint John. The innovative smart grid captured a 2021 Award of Excellence from the International Smart Grid Action Network. (A control room operator sits in front of a wall of computer monitors in a control room displaying different maps and control schematics of the Saint John Energy electricity grid.)

Saint John Energy will use machine learning and data analytics to develop a system of load prediction algorithms to optimize the dispatch of various Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) on the local electrical grid.

The integration of DERs such as electrical energy storage devices, thermal energy storage devices, and load control elements will allow Saint John Energy to shape the load profile and more effectively utilize the available capacity of the local electrical network.

Expected Results

The expected results of this project are:

  • Increase the efficiency and reduce the difference between the peak and average demand of the local grid, hence minimizing the economic and environmental costs associated with operations;
  • Develop a scalable system for integrated control and dispatch of DERs that can be replicated in other jurisdictions; and
  • Provide examples of effective customer engagement strategies to support the operation of the electrical grid.

Anticipated GHG reductions (tCO2e):

92,000 annually by 2030

Project Updates

Tesla Megapack battery

Tesla Megapack battery

  • Text version Saint John Energy was the first in the world to deploy a 1.25MW Tesla Megapack battery in 2019. The utility-scale battery helps the company manage peak energy demand. (Two Saint John Energy staff stand next to the utility's Tesla Megapack battery while monitoring its performance.)

The utility battery is commissioned and integrated into the system, and is already contributing to Saint John’s peak reductions. Progress has been made on generator interconnections, which will be integrated into the smart control Center and ISM – upon which work continues. Conservation voltage reduction transformers have been installed and commissioned, and rollout of assets including smart water heaters, smart heat pumps, and thermal storage units is underway. Load prediction algorithms have been developed and are being integrated into the ISM development and the Smart Control Center. Customer engagement campaigns are ongoing, and preparations are in progress for the residential batteries, solar panel integration and EV chargers.


The Project was recognized as the winner of the 2021 Award of Excellence from ISGAN for the theme "Excellence in Smart Grids for Future Proofing the Grid Operation via Advanced Digitalisation & IoT".

See the media release on their website:

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