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Chemicals of Concern

Many chemicals that have legitimate and beneficial uses can also be used for dangerous purposes. You, as a retailer, play an integral role in forming the first line of defence against those who would use these materials to harm our communities and jeopardize our way of life. We are asking for your help to promote increased vigilance and protection for these chemicals.

Do you buy, sell or use any of the following chemicals?

Chemicals of Concern (regulated)
Chemical Examples of normal use
Ammonium nitrate Fertilizer, first aid cold packs
Hydrogen peroxide Hair bleach, cleaning products
Nitromethane Car racing fuel, pesticides, pharmaceuticals,
a dissolving agent in Super Glue®
Potassium chlorate Safety matches, herbicides
Potassium perchlorate Pyrotechnics, automotive air-bag igniters,
Sodium chlorate Pulp bleaching, herbicides
Nitric acid Metal treatment, fertilizer production, wood finishing
Potassium nitrate Fertilizer, gunpowder, stump remover
Sodium nitrate Fertilizer, food preservatives
Watch List (unregulated)
Chemical Examples of normal use
(Acetone, MEK)
Solvent, nail polish remover
Urea De-icer, resin intermediate
Hexamine Camping fuel tablets
Sulphuric acid Battery acid, drain cleaners
Citric acid Food additive, water softener

Know your inventory. Secure your product. Sell only to those with legitimate need.
Your effort makes a difference.
Yes, You Can Help!

Point-of-sale Precautions

What can you do? Follow these simple steps.

  • Ask technical questions to see if your customers know their business and have a legitimate need for the chemicals.
  • Observe and note suspicious behaviour or unusual purchases.
  • Refuse to sell to questionable customers.
  • If you suspect misuse of chemicals, report it! RCMP National Security Line 1-800-420-5805. Natural Resources Canada, Explosives Regulatory Division, 613-948-5200.

Canada is counting on your eyes, your instincts and your cooperation.

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