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Research on Shale and Tight Resources

A product of the Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference

Natural Resources Canada Research

As Canada’s federal geomatics and geoscience organization, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) provides public geoscientific and geospatial expertise, knowledge and technology to strengthen Canada’s understanding, stewardship and sovereignty of its landmass and natural resources. GEOSCAN is the bibliographic database for NRCan scientific publications in earth sciences and features over 60,000 records.

NRCan has offices and labs dedicated to clean energy research, development, demonstration and deployment, and works with its partners to promote the sustainable and economic development of our natural resources while improving the quality of life of Canadians.

Through the Program of Energy Research and Development (PERD) and the ecoENERGY Innovation Initiative (ecoEII), NRCan also funds research and development by other federal departments, academics, individuals and companies to increase oil and gas recoveries from unconventional formations, lower their environmental footprints and increase environmental monitoring.

Collaborative Research

The Responsible Shale Development: Enhancing the Knowledge Base on Shale Oil and Gas in Canada (PDF, 1.6 MB) report and its accompanying compendium (PDF, 1.5 MB), prepared for the 2013 Energy and Mines’ Ministers Conference (EMMC), compile and summarize all the major efforts and research that federal, provincial and territorial governments have undertaken on shale resource innovation and development.

As part of EMMC 2015, the Taking Action: Moving Forward Together on Energy Research, Technology and Innovation (PDF, 2.8 MB) report outlines the case for innovation through collaboration within the energy sector and presents an action plan that identifies shared priorities and proposes specific collaborative actions to improve environmental performance in shale resource development.

A new initiative, the Energy Geoscience and Geo-Engineering-Collaborative Open Innovation Network (EG-COIN), is in development to address shared research priorities of government, academia and industry for shale resource development.

These shared research priorities are as follows:

  • Environmental issues
  • Geo-engineering and extraction
  • Reservoir characterization and resource assessment

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