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Modern diesel vehicles

Today’s diesel vehicles are cleaner, quieter and perform as well or better than their gasoline counterparts. This makes them a great option for drivers who want better fuel efficiency and lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Is a diesel vehicle right for you?

Diesel engines are more efficient and use less fuel

The diesel compression-ignition engine is more efficient than its gasoline spark-ignition counterpart. This factor, along with the higher energy content of diesel fuel (10% on average) reduces fuel consumption by 15 to 30%.

Diesel vehicles perform better

Today’s diesel vehicles are cleaner, quieter and perform on par or better than their gasoline counterparts. The improvements result from the availability of cleaner fuels and the use of advanced technologies, including electronic controls, common rail fuel injection, turbocharging, sound dampening and exhaust emission-reduction components.

Low sulphur diesel fuel is readily available

The sulphur content of diesel fuel sold in Canada has been reduced through regulations. Since 2006 the limit has been 15 parts per million. This ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel can be used in all diesel vehicles.

Diesel vehicles can save you money

A diesel vehicle costs more to buy than the same model equipped with a gasoline engine. But you can earn back the difference in price by paying less for fuel.

Actual savings depend on the specific vehicle and its operating conditions. The payback period depends on how much you drive and what happens with diesel and gasoline prices.

Be a knowledgeable buyer

Research before you buy. When you shop for a vehicle, ask about diesel options. Ask for a cost, environmental and performance comparison and decide whether a diesel vehicle makes sense for you.

Estimate how much fuel your vehicle will consume over its lifetime.

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