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Idle stop-start technology

Vehicle manufacturers are offering idle stop-start technology to help meet Canada’s increasingly stringent greenhouse gas emission standards.

Idle stop-start technology can lower your fuel consumption during city driving by 4 to 10% or more. This saves you money and reduces your impact on the environment.

Commonly used on hybrid-electric vehicles, stop-start systems are now being offered on some conventional vehicles in Canada.

Turns your engine off when it isn’t needed

Stop-start systems lower fuel consumption and exhaust emissions by turning off the engine when the vehicle is idling and during deceleration at low speeds.

The system turns off the engine when the vehicle speed drops below about 8 kilometres per hour, and automatically restarts the engine when the driver releases the brakes.

The technology combines smart electronic controls with a more robust battery, alternator and starter system. Electronics monitor and control the vehicle’s many systems to make sure everything is working efficiently and safely at all times.

Idle stop-start can save you money

Over 10 years, a vehicle with an idle stop-start system can save you $260 to $1,540 and reduce your carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 610 to 3,540 kg. At the high end, this is equivalent to

  • about three quarters of an Olympic-sized swimming pool of CO2
  • removing a compact car from Canadian roads for one year.
This table illustrates how idle-stop-start technology can save you money.
Fuel consumption 10-year savings*
(L/100 km)
With a 4% reduction (L/100 km) With a 10% reduction (L/100 km) Fuel cost savings CO2 reduction
14.0 13.44 12.6 $620 to $1,540 1,420 to 3,540 kg
12.0 11.52 10.8 $530 to $1,320 1,210 to 3,040 kg
10.0 9.6 9.0 $440 to $1,100 1,010 to 2,530 kg
8.0 7.68 7.2 $350 to $880 810 to 2,020 kg
6.0 5.76 5.4 $260 to $660 610 to 1,520 kg

*Based on an annual city driving distance of 11,000 km, a fuel price of $1.00/L and a CO2 emissions factor of 2.3 kg/L of gasoline.

Be a knowledgeable buyer

Research before you buy. Estimate how much fuel your vehicle will consume over its lifetime.

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