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ENERGY STAR for Products

ENERGY STAR® is the simple choice for energy efficency

ENERGY STAR certified products are tested and certified to meet strict specifications for energy performance. Find the most energy-efficient products on the market.

Buying ENERGY STAR certified products

Find ENERGY STAR certified products and learn how they can save you energy and money while protecting the planet.

Certified products in Canada

Find energy-efficient products eligible for ENERGY STAR certification in Canada.

ENERGY STAR Most Efficient designation

Explore the top-ranked ENERGY STAR certified models that have demonstrated superior energy efficiency performance and have been awarded this annual distinction.

ENERGY STAR rebates and incentives directory

Find rebates and incentives on ENERGY STAR certified products available in Canada.

List of ENERGY STAR Canada participants

Discover more than 1,000 businesses and organizations in Canada that promote energy efficiency.

Participant resources

Learn how to meet your commitments as an ENERGY STAR® Canada Participant.

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