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The 1–100 EnerGuide scale

EnerGuide 0-100 Label

EnerGuide Rating: 0-100 Scale

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1 = Address
2= Rating
3= least efficient to most efficient
4 = File Number
5 = Service Organization
6 = Name of Energy Advisor
7 = Date of Energy Report


This rating is a snapshot of your home’s efficiency at the time of the evaluation.

  • A 0 rating represents a house with major air leakage, no insulation and high fuel consumption.
  • A 100 rating represents an airtight, well-insulated house where energy purchased is equal to energy generated through renewable sources: a “net-zero” home.
  • The higher the number, the more efficient the house.
  • An energy-efficient, upgraded older home typically rates between 66 and 74; an energy-efficient new home rates between 81 and 85.
House Characteristics Typical ERS Rating
Existing house not upgraded 0 to 50
Upgraded existing house 51 to 65
Energy-efficient upgraded existing house 66 to 74
New house built to building code standards without energy requirements 70 to 76
New house built to building code standards containing energy requirements 77 to 80
Energy-efficient new house 81 to 85
High-performance, energy-efficient new house 86 to 99
Net zero house (energy purchased and energy generated, through renewable sources, is equal) 100

Reading your EnerGuide evaluation results

Your EnerGuide label and energy efficiency evaluation report show your home rating both as a number and a point on the 1–100 scale. The label shows

  • your home address and file number
  • the date of your evaluation
  • contact information for your energy advisor
  • the version code of the energy efficiency software
  • a checklist of recommended energy efficiency retrofits

If you make the recommended improvements and get a follow-up evaluation, you’ll receive a revised EnerGuide rating, label and report.

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